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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  October 23, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. [ applause ] >> the giants win the pennant. >> they did it. the san francisco giants beat the philadelphia phillylys tonight. they win the pennant and are going to the world series. good evening. i'm ken wayne. heather holmes is off tonight. the celebration is underway. the san francisco giants win the pennant. they did it on the road tonight. a 3-2 victory in philadelphia. it means we've got more
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baseball ahead. the world series is coming to the bay area. we have ktvu reporters live in the city and back east in philadelphia. we are going to be hearing from all of them coming up with live coverage of the celebration. but first ktvu sports director mark ibanez joins us. this as lot of fun. the torture tour continues but it all turned out the way we wanted to to. >> i don't know about you but the most nervous i've ever been watching a sporting event. sweaty palms and the whole bit. >> people are talking about near heart attacks. >> i was in the studio and could hear my heart pounding. the san francisco giants as you knew it would go down to a one run game in philadelphia. do it on the road. great warriors on the road for the season. one two in philadelphia and one two here. and going to the world series. the highlights. it was packed and they were pumped in philadelphia. they figured it would take two games for the giants and go to the series for the third straight year. no, it didn't happen.
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that was a key play right there buster posey's grounder scores aubrey huff with the game tying run. in the 8th still at 2-2. ticket to ride to right-field for juan uribe, a solo homerun breaks the tie. and the giants come from a 2-0 deficit to a 3-2 lead. it came down to this, the phillies with two on, two outs, full count ryan howard. the big slugger up there. brian wilson with as perfect a pitch as you would ever want to see. the giants have the victory. and this is their fourth national league pennant since they moved here from new york in 1958. and you'll be seeing in just a few minutes how fans in san francisco are reacting to that. but let's get back to philadelphia and check out some of the reaction that fred inglis was able to get in the clubhouse. >> we got up to the 2-0 lead. but it just doesn't affect us. we have been down 2-0 a lot in
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our season. we know we have the pitching to take care of it. they will wait patiently for the offense to come around and nail it. >> you are going to the world series. >> yes. >> i was thinking about that two seconds ago that sunk in. >> he is quite a character i will tell you what. brian wilson never does it 1, 2, 3. he walks a couple of guys just so ryan howard, their big homerun hitter would be up there. and, you know, you are thinking the worst thoughts hoping for the best. and the giants fans have been put through the wringer. it all comes out great. the 3-2 win and going to the world series against the texas rangers. >> and prove to all those so- called baseball experts wrong. >> they went in as extreme underdogs. the phillies very confident because they had, give them credit been to the word series two consecutive times. and have just a power-packed lineup top to bottom. giants pitching shut them down for the most part. never teed off really on giant pitching throughout the entire
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series. >> a wild ride and not over yet. >> it was no accident. and bring on the rangers, i guess, here. >> thank you very much, mark. well, this giant team has a reputation for creating anxiety. we felt it tonight. torture right until the very end. a come-from-behind win with runners in the 9th inning. and now all about the excitement am and the celebration. ktvu's mike mibach watched them clinch it at the pub. he is there with the fan reaction. mike? >> reporter: ken, you are right 77% of that game stressful and all of a sudden it just disappeared. the celebration is alive. the giants are headed back to the fall classic. what an unbelievable scene inside the pub. that final out a called third strike. caught it on camera. just one of those nights where the pictures tell the story. roll the tape from the heart of san francisco. [ applause ]
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>> the final out. a cold out strike sending the giants to the world series and giants fans into a state of frenzy. how does it feel? >> that was awsome baby giants number one. >> how ask does it feel? >> the fourth time for the city going back to the series. >> the city is alive and everyone is so excited about the giants. san francisco loves the giants. go giants. >> a stressful game. a stressful feeling. but in the end, the giants took down the national league champions in their own philadelphia park. and each faithful fan will be waiting with open arms when the block and orange come home with the pennant in hand. [ applause ] >> giants you can do it. >> what a week, baby. how you been? >> out of this world.
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it's just a freaking ride. unbelievable. down 2-0 in the first inning to come back that far. like i'm just speechless. >> see you on wednesday! [ applause ] >> reporter: and the party continues. no san francisco giant team has ever won the world series. trust me these friends want to parade down market street. for now they will take the pennant and let loose tonight. there are many celebrations going on here in san francisco. christian kaf it ton is outside the ballpark at third and king with more on that. >> reporter: we might be at party central when it comes to the giants winning the pennant here. there are hundreds of people that just started showing up. first they started showing up at the giants dugout store to try to get ahold of the new giants merchandise. then they started pouring out on to the street. there is a heavy police presence here trying to make sure that people don't injure themselves.
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you can see that the crowd is very loud and boisterous. police tell me so far there haven't been any problems out here. but they want to be sure that nobody gets injured. the crowd has the propensity to move close to the sidewalk and out on to the streets. but the police are trying to keep that crowd back on the sidewalk. they don't want anybody to get hurt. also seen a steady stream of cars driving through the area. as the cars drive through some of them have big flags and banners. talking about the giants. some of them are honking their horns. clearly a lot of excitement about this victory for the giants. the fans are now saying they can't wait until wednesday until the world series gets underway. they say they have waited eight years and that is long enough. live in downtown san francisco right near at&t park. party central when it comes to the giants. back to you. >> all right. thank you, christian. for the phillies a third consecutive pennant was just not meant to be. while fans there control themselves with cheesesteaks. giants fans look forward to the
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world series. ktvu's ken joins us live from citizen's live ballpark in philadelphia where the reputation of the nasty tough talking philly fans aren't talking so tough are they ken? >> well, a few of them are ken, actually. i hear all of the celebrations going object in san francisco. here in philadelphia it is quiet, very quiet. this is citizens park behind me. the fans have come home. tens of thousands of phillies fans went home disappointed tonight. there were some giants fans not many of them. but able to talk to them throughout the day. we talked to them throughout the day. you could hear the precipitation. they thought this would be the night. let's hear from them now. >> let's go giants. >> reporter: if the crowd at batting practice was any gauge with red dome nateing the stands -- dominating the stands. giants fans in philly were few and far between. >> there aren't many of us out here tonight but all solid
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fans. >> reporter: where are you from? >> san francisco. >> grew up in the bay area and grew up watching the giants. >> i have lived in san francisco for most of my life. [ applause ] >> we have the whole crew here. >> reporter: wherever they were from, all of those in black and orange were confident that tonight game six would be the last. >> be done with it, yeah. >> i hope so. >> do not is the tonight. we won't go to game 7 i don't think. >> hopefully they did it because i have to be back to work on monday. >> reporter: that man's name is brooks allan and he works in san francisco. he will be going back to work on monday. the fans celebrate. able to talk to some of those giants fans post game. >> it was amazing. that last pitch i'm telling you, the place went silent. it was the weirdest thing. it was silent. >> silence. >> we lost? they were so awsome. >> i have gone to a lot of games. but this one has to be my
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favorite. i am really excited that they are going to the world series and i can't wait. >> reporter: that was the muller family actually from connecticut. they have bay area ties. obviously diehard giants fans. most of the giants fans we talked to today were not actually from the bay area but live here on the east coast. they took the opportunity to watch game 6 and watch the giants go to the world series. not many fans here tonight, giants fans filling the stands. but those that were here were quite excited. in philadelphia, ktvu, channel 2 news. so now back home to san francisco. the giants get a few days off before hosting the first game of the world series against the american league champions the texas rangers. game one is wednesday at at&t park. the broadcast starts at 4:30 p.m. the entire world series is right here on ktvu, channel 2 news. >> giants fans have been documenting this playoffs run with pictures. karen curt sent us this picture of a giants fan sporting a
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giants cap and jersey. a four-legged fan taking a break from his own game of ball. if you have photos you would like to e-mail to us. check out the orange and black slide show to find more coverage on our website. just go to ktvu, channel 2 news. a lot more coverage ahead on the 10:00 news. but firstst. >> love it or hate it, the rain is here with a vengeance and it is contributing to some smashups on our freeways. a live report is coming up. >> work came to stand still today at bay area sea ports. the reason for the work stoppage and what it has to do with oscar grant. >> and why two
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. the san francisco chronic has tomorrow's front page ready to go. here is what you will find at the news stands tomorrow. the headlines giants clinch. more giants coverage still to come. the wet weather that moved into southern california tomorrow is picking up momentum with the heaviest rainfall expected for tomorrow. the forecast in a moment. but first let's check in with ktvu's deborah villalon. the rain has been coming down pretty hard for hours now. deborah? >> reporter: that's right, it is still coming down. on the frontage road along 101. you can see all of the water that's collecting. when this happens on the freeway, it's an accident
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waiting to happen. >> highway 101. >> reporter: one minute this vehicle was southbound. the next pointed north after the driver probably going too fast for the wet conditions lost control and skidded across several lanes. >> hydroplaned, yeah, jammed on the brakes and sent him into a spin. and spun all the way across and slammed right into the wall here. >> reporter: this is just one spin-out in the north bay today. the driver and the passenger shaken up but un injured. in sonoma county, another driver was lucky to survive a 200-foot plunge off an embankment on point ray's petaluma road. only some trees halted the car. again officers say too much speed in slippery conditions. >> time for the umbrella. [ laughter ] >> reporter: umbrellas seemed to replace sandals overnight this year. shoppers today avoided the iced drinks for the hot ones.
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they were chilled enough just hurting through their weekend errands. >> i just had my chimney cleaned out. so, yeah, i'm getting ready. >> time to glenn out the gutters? >> yeah. all of that stuff. >> reporter: if a seasonal spigot is now open, wind can't be far behind. north of santa rosa fire crews had a 50-foot tree toppled. and rain came down in sheets as sonoma county got the heaviest drenching. >> this is a bad part right here. >> reporter: with sunday's punch expected to be even stronger the police want you to make sure your tires have tread and the windshield wipers work. and taking extra caution now. >> i am driving with two hands on the wheel. look pretty far ahead of you to make sure you are able to react if something happens. >> reporter: fortunately with the uptick in crashes around the bay area no serious
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injuries were reported. now, remember if you do hit standing water the chp says do not slam on your brakes. just try to steer through it. that's the picture here live. let's go to mark tamayo now in the weather center to see what's in store for tomorrow. mark? >> deborah, we have been tracking several waves of rain. yesterday of course a few scattered rain showers. the rainfall picked up for today. this is all setting the stage for the main burst that will move in for late tonight into your sunday. right now in the maps i can show you this on live storm tracker 2. kite quite a bit of coverage. santa rose is a reporting moderate to heavy rain. pretty much covered to petaluma as we move the map to the south san francisco at the airport they are reporting heavy rainfall and a 10th of an inch of rain over the past hour. san francisco is extending out to the east bay for emeryville and oakland that rainfall nearby. santa rose is a reporting on and off rainfall that coverage
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from border creek. the darker colors of green go to moderate to will low glen. you can see the expectations for the next storm 3-6 inches in the hills. for the coastal hills of sonoma county. winds do crank up. in fact the wind advisory for the coastline with winds gusting to 45 miles per hour. this will be a snow producer for the sierra with a winter storm warning up above 7500 feet as we head into tomorrow. here is the rainfall forecast model for tonight. greens and yellows. but not much in the way of red. a different story for tomorrow. coming up we will take a look at this particular model to show you when the heaviest cells will move across your neighborhood. coming up in the full forecast in just a little bit. >> up to the minute information in your neighborhood log on to our website 24/7 at >> the sentencing here for
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former bart police officer mehserle is coming up up in less than two weeks. the family members of oscar grant joined for a rally outside city hall. they are demanding that mehserle's sentence includes significant jail time. >> reporter: on the steps outside oakland city hall a crowd of 500 people helped up signs and voiced their demand for a fair sentence for former bart police officer mehserle. in their view, justice means mehserle should receive the max sentence for the fatal shooting of oscar grant. >> we need to stand as people and come together to make sure that this type of thing don't happen again to our youth. you know, it is just ridiculous how things happen like this. >> reporter: back in july, an la jury convicted mehserle of involuntary manslaughter. they found mehserle didn't mean to kill grant but his actions were so negligent they were criminal. the former bart police officer could face between 2-14 years
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behind bars. >> the family's position is very clear, 14 years. that is our position. and that's what we are asking for. and that's what we hope will happen. >> not just a call for justice. but it's a call for change. where, you know, the relationship between the community and the police must change. >> reporter: the international longshoremen union 10 helped organize this event. they un if if you recalled a banner that said an injury to one is an injury to all. >> puts much joy on my sister wanda's face oscar's mother. and she knows oscar did not die in vein. >> the family started planning this rally back in july. they went to the longshoremen and union decided to support their cause. >> the union stood in solidarity with a unanimous vote to stand with us and to be with us. >> reporter: as a gesture of solidarity there was no loading
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or unloading at any bay area port today. instead, union members attended and in some cases performed at the rally. >> i am extremely encouraged. and it is not just a turnout. look at the conduct of the crowd. you see, it's a call for change. it's not a call for violence. >> reporter: mehserle is scheduled to be sentenced on november 5th. in oakland, alli rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. an alert san raphael police officer reported a shooting last night that left one man injured. the officer heard gunfire shortly after 8 p.m. near larksspur and alto. a man was suffering from a gunshot wound to the foot. he was taken to the hospital and will survive. so far no arrests have been made. oakland police say a 24- year-old man died after being shot near lake merit. the shooting happened at 1 p.m. last night in the 200 block of international boulevard. the unidentified oakland resident was walking when someone came up and shot him. the gunman ran away.
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the victim was taken too highland hospital where he died this evening. arson investigators in placer county say they have not yet been able to search the rubble of the west field galeria in roseville. thursday's fire damaged at least 20 stores. workers are shoring up what's left of the mall so the investigators can search for a backpack that may or may not contain explosives. suspected a arsonist alexander preget allegedly threatened to blow up the shop while inside the game shop there thursday. an exclusive interview with the store manager who confronted him. >> reporter: dan killer had just opened game stop in the roseville galeria when he came face-to-face with alexander piget. >> i was tough. at first glance he seemed like a normal customer throughout, you know, the encounter it seemed to kind of turn a little differently, you know, the things that he was saying. it made it sound like he was
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there for more than just what i had to offer. >> reporter: after some bantering piget allegedly told him to leave the store because he was going to blow it up. >> yes. every day goes by. spending the last couple of days with my loved ones. and i have been so lucky. >> he says the suspect asked him three questions, if he was religious and if he had kids and if he was a good guy. the game stop employee told the suspect he didn't have children but lived for his five nieces and nephews. he remained his friendly calm self under pressure. >> he pretty much stated that i seemed like a good guy. >> he smelled a strange odour in piget's backpack and knew it was time to go out. >> i just walked out. >> they are crediting the game stop employee for taking this threat is he seriously and going to get help. >> the notifying the mall security and then notifying the roseville police and fire to
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prompt a quick response was a very appropriate action. >> governor schwarzenegger has declared a local state of emergency in roseville. the city officials hope the mall can re-open by black friday, the day after thanksgiving. there is word tonight two pg&e employees have refused to speak with the federal investigators about the deadly sanbruno pipeline explosion. the san francisco chronicle reports the lows came to be too traumatized to be questioned. according to the chronicle, the two employees had critical roles in getting the gas in the pipeline turned off. the explosion and the fire killed eight people and destroyed 37 homes. and on the 10:00 news the reaction to the latest batch of wikileaks. why iraqi leaders are upset. california's prison guard union are speaking out after being on the losing end of a $12 million verdict. want to show you a picture occupies at&t park at th
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in news of the world tonight, in afghanistan afghan security forces say they stopped an attack by four suicide bombers aimed at a united nations compound. one of the drivers drove the car wearing explosives. three others were dressed as women and wore explosive vests. the insurgents killed one of their soldiers today. and a photographer for the new york times was seriously injured after he stepped on a mine. in next at least 13 young people dead after attack at a house party in jaurez. the attackers are part of a drug cartel but no evidence that anyone at the party were involved with anything illegal. more than 2,000 deaths this year there have been blamed on
11:57 pm
violence. in haiti the death toll rose to 2800. the outbreak has avoided earthquake refugee camps. if cholera reaches the unsanitary camps it could be disastrous. can spread by drinking tainted water. iraqi prime minister is condemning the timing of yesterday's release of military documents by wikileaks saying it is politically motivated. as april williams reports the iraqi leader says wikileaks is trying to sack age his reelection by highlighting the abuses carried out by the military soldiers he led. >> reporter: they reveal 16,000 more civilian deaths in iraq than previously publicly reported. an anti-war activities aligned
11:58 pm
with wikileaks put it in these numbers. >> 16,000 is the comparison of seven 9/11. >> media outlets say they disclose instances of abuses by u.s. and iraqi forces amount to go war crimes that went largely ignored by military commanders. the pentagon however strongly refuse outs those claims, saying it has been vetting the documents since july. and that if there was any evidence of war crimes, they would have been promptly investigated. a spokesperson blasted wikileaks over the leak. >> remember, this is an organization that induces people to break the law, leak classified information and then exposes that information to the world. >> reporter: wikileaks says it aggressively redacted the names of anyone that could potentially be put in danger by release of the classified documents. but the pentagon says some 300 iraqis are being notified their names have been made public.
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i'm april williams reporting from atlanta. california's prison guards union says they will appeal a $12 million verdict awarded in a federal breach of contract and defamation case. a jury this week ordered the california correctional peace officer's association to pay punitive damages for removing officers at corrections usa. it is a national coalition of prison guard unions. the jury found the peace officer's association lied and broke the contracts when it ceased control of the organization. coming up, october is hitting a fever pitch nature area. >> and walk into any establishment in north beach and the focus is on just one thing. maybe you can get. we will have the live report on how people are celebrating. [ applause ] >> and why democr
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. >> the the giants win the pen national. that means they are going to the world series. the fans are still celebrating the team's big victory tonight. ktvu's patty lee is in north beach with more on the giant fan reaction. patty? >> reporter: ken, live in north beach where there is still literally dancing in the streets. live on union and stockton but here is a look at columbus avenue just a few minutes ago. there are people jumping for joy. you can hear drivers honking their horns. just general euphoria. this is a big city, obviously. there are a lot of people celebrating a lot of different things everything from birthdays to anniversaries. but regardless of what was going on today the focus was on the giants.
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>> yes, go giants. >> reporter: what was originally planned as a birthday party. >> go giants. >> reporter: morphed into a multipurpose event. >> it is a birthday and probably a giants celebration. >> reporter: lifelong giants fan and birthday girl jenn saunders was willing to share the spotlight. >> fabulous they are going to win tonight for me. these guys are awsome. i love it. are. >> reporter: with the giants playing around this store was busy all day with fans preparing for game time with friends. [ applause ] >> and where is everybody? do you come out of the house for the game? because it's raining you can't come out of the house? giants going to the series tonight. >> reporter: but in north beach the enthusiasm for the crowd made up for its size. [ applause ] >> reporter: and as the giants inch closer to their first
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world series since 2002 the city is happy about the growing interest. >> i knew nothing about baseball until i came here. i just love it. i think the game is amazing. >> reporter: all of those fans in doors at one point are now spilling outside. you are looking at coit tower blazing orange. been like this all week. now even more of a reason to celebrate. orange and black all over. a little boy dressed as a tiger and a giants fan. a lot of people really excited tonight. and as they should be. a lot of hugging and cheering and a lot of dancing in the streets here in north beach. reporting live patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. first lady michelle obama is expected to attend a democratic party fundraiser in san francisco next week. mrs. obama is scheduled to fly into the bay area on monday afternoon for a fundraiser at the fair month total atop nob hill. the first lady and nancy pilosi
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are scheduled to meet and greet donors contributed to congressional candidates in california. >> election day is still ten days away but voters are already getting their votes in and counted. the registrar's office was open today for early voting. the department is also busy processing ballots mailed in or cast already as part of an early voting push by the registrar. >> it's part of our first in first counted campaign which means that the ballots that we received early, we can process them, signature check them. and then we can also tabulate them. the results are posted right after the polls close on election day. >> election officials say 67% of voters in santa clara county vote by mail. 20 percent of those or about 100,000 ballots have already been mailed to the registrar's office. election day again is on november 2nd. >> number of candidates on the november 2nd ballot tried today to gain some african american votes. the california naacp is holding
12:06 am
its annual conference in oakland this weekend. today the group heard from candidates running for lieutenant governor and secretary of state and superintendent of public instruction. governor schwarzenegger also made an appearance earlier tonight at the conference. >> life and death are celebrated at the oakland museum of california with music, food, arts and crafts. and taking aim, a powerful storm heading รบ
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this is a room where an army vet put his life back together, where a family lived when they were displaced by a flood. but it's more than a room. it's a room at volunteers of america, and the pathway to stronger communities. because when lives are improved, communities are, too. to help strengthen your community, visit . another live picture in san francisco outside a it t and t park. they can't get enough. the fans are still going crazy. look at them. a lot of red bull or something in their veins. celebrating the giants pinning
12:09 am
the pennant tonight and moving on to the word series. it is a little wet out there. mark? [ music ] >> that's right, ken. the rainfall has been picking up. in fact, all day long in san francisco right now reporting some light to moderate cells. you can see behind me right here on live storm tracker 2 quite a bit of coverage out there. taking a look at the radar right now. this is the loop over the past hour. you can see up towards the north bay for san francisco. even down to the south bay as well. the latest imagery go up towards santa rose is a reporting heavy rain two hours ago. some steadier cells for santa rosa and down to petaluma. as we move the maps down to the bay filling it. sfo reporting nearly a 10th of an inch of rain in about an hour that happened at the 8:00 hour. still some coverage out towards concord and danville. nothing too stream but still enough to wet the roadways.
12:10 am
to the east of san jose heading out into the hills. another round of rain expected overnight tonight into tomorrow. look at these totals, very impressive for october. as you would expect pick up most of the rain follow for the coastal hills. the rainfall could be 3 inches. it will taper off towards the south bay. but still a significant burst in the downpours for tomorrow. we could have some urban and small flood advisories into sunday. here is a look at the storm system itself up to our north. a lot of dynamics and moisture to work with. as that cold front approaches the coastline for tomorrow you will definitely notice its presence. the storm will be targeting the north bay. but still some moderate to heavy cells moving across the entire bay area. here is the heaviest timeframe from 10 a.m. tomorrow morning to 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. this will be a snow producer for the sierra mainly for the higher terrain. winter storm warning begins at
12:11 am
11:00 tonight. it will last until 10 p.m. sunday. snow levels high right around 7500 feet. the forecast model take you into 8:00 monday morning. we take this into the afternoon hours. the rainfall gradually spreads south. it lynn tense few with the temperatures around 60 to 68 degrees. by but this time tomorrow night should be tracking a decrease in the rainfall activity. temperatures for tomorrow mainly in the upper 50s to the 60s. san jose 67. san mateo is 64. liver more is 68 degrees. here is a look ahead at the five day forecast. rain and wind tomorrow. that wind advisory in place for the coastal hills. also for the higher terrain. a bit of a break for monday and tuesday. thicken up the clouds by wednesday. by thursday there could be a chance of a few showers. watching out for that with the world series coming to the bay area for long range wednesday and thursday. tomorrow be extra careful on the roadways. >> nice to have a world series
12:12 am
forecast to talk about. >> the celebration of the dead was held at the oakland museum of california today. [ music ] >> music, food, crafts face painting honoring the dead were all part of the celebration. this is commemorated in mexico and other latin american countries to honor family members who have died and to embrace the reality of death as part of life. coming up next we will head back to philadelphia. we will hear from
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[ music ]
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>> good evening, everybody. how is it going. i'm mark ibanez. bay area, are you ready? the san francisco giants are going to the world series for the fourth time since they moved here from new york. and it came as you would expect. hey, it couldn't go any other way. a one run ball game back in philly. jonathan sanchez on the mound. he did not have it going on from the get-go. chase utley with a shot to the right in the first inning. you are thinking here we go. because they add another. jason werth has been a pain to the giant's pitching staff throughout the entire series. lifting it deep? no. 2-0 philadelphia. roy oswald who won game two a
12:16 am
week away. shane victoriano but it rolled off his rib and hit the wall. sanchez at first base playing it cautiously as he winds up getting back. giants have runners at first and second. after a sacrifice bunt by sanchez aubrey huff with a shot up the middle. one run in but victorino has andre torres out. and buster posey with the hit. the three off of ryan howard. that allows aubrey huff to score all the way from second. we are tied 2-2. bottom of the third a bizarre turn here. jonathan sanchez 50th pitch of the night hit chase utley square in the back. he didn't appreciate it. tossed the ball back to sanchez. he took exception to that. same something to utley. he responds like what are you saying, huh? both benches wine up clearing for a couple of minutes. sanchez just completely lost his composure.
12:17 am
he is pulled and rightly so from the game. in comes jeremy afelt one of the un sung heros. he did a great job. shane ends that inning. sanchez watches the rest of the game from the bench. and you will see some nice defense here from jason werth. great catch down the right- field line. that's how it went. we stayed tied 2-2 into the top of the 8th inning. tim lincecum came into the game. but it is none other than juan uribe with the shot to right ticket to ride breaking the 2-2 tied. the giants leading for good 3- 2. tim lincecum, a surprise in as relief raul ibanez with the base hit. got two consecutive singles after he struck out werth to end the inning. boche has seen enough. he brings in wilson. he induces ortiz.
12:18 am
and victorino. and he is pumped there. he is trouble there. and in comes wilson. and ryan howard is looking. brian wilson has never come through at a more tune time. and the san francisco giants let that bubblely roll in the clubhouse as they are going to the world series against the texas rangers, game one in san francisco. as you see that 3-2 final. the giants out-hit the phillies 13-8. and the much favored phillies who have been in the world series two consecutive years prior to this are long gone. as are the yankees. fred inglis back in the sister of brotherly love. so many aspects to discuss with regard to this ball game, fred. but i tell you what, you take it from here. you talk about what you want to because back here everybody is pumped. and i put it in your hands, fred. >> well, i think this scenario has been told before. we've seen this movie before.
12:19 am
you get behind and you come back and you take a lead late in the game. and then you have the shutdown. the bullpen of course had a lot of angst in between the first pitch and the last pitch. but juan uribe, here is a guy who has never seen a pitch he hasn't liked. juan uribe came into this series tonight 1-11. but he got two of the team's 13 hits tonight. the 8th inning was off ryan madson. the first pitch juan uribe says he likes it. the giants take the lead for the first time. and then they managed to hold on. and juan uribe just one of many heroes tonight. >> oh, a lot of happy. a lot of happy, you know. you go to the home-plate. i am going to go to the dugout. >> we knew we had a chance. nobody ever expected us to be in the playoffs. nobody expected us to be here and to beat these guys. and to do it at home one thing.
12:20 am
but to do it here and fight it it is worth it now. >> you are the mvp of the nlcs. >> i can honestly say i have never imagined being in this situation right now. you always as a kid think about being the hero in the world series and things like that. but this is just so special for me right now. i will cherish it for as long as i can. >> does it feel like you anticipated this was going to be? >> absolutely. the party is just starting man. we are going to get weird tonight. >> we are going to get weird tonight says aubrey huff. look at this, though, the 7th time in the last nine years that the nlcs has been won by the team that did not have home field advantage. the giants win four games on the road so far. they are 4-7 victories have been on the road. the pitching has been stellar. effectively wild. i guess jonathan sanchez redefined that term. but with tim lincecum and
12:21 am
baumgarter coming in. who would have thought two starters would be part of that relief core. the giants win it. they will have some time off and so will we. back to you. >> the heroics of juan uribe i almost forgot that cody ross was the mvp. checking out the rest of the day. lots of things going on. the sharks are victorious. and stanford tries for their sixth victory of
12:22 am
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12:24 am
. welcome back to part two of sports wrap. hard to believe but there were other sporting events going on other than baseball. like the stanford cardinals. not to forget them. another outstanding effort as
12:25 am
you take a look at their quarterback andrew luck. luck with ryan waleis. and that left stanford in control. on to the second quarter 10-7 now. and taylor got the six yard burst 17-7. taylor 142 yards rushing and a couple of tds. third quarter now stanford got in control luck to baldwin. jumping over simmonses for the grab. 190 yards passing and three tds for luck. one interception. stanford wins 38-28. and the news is equally good for the cal bears hosting things at berkeley. giving their fans a little treat with the no nonsense victory. remember that guy dennis ericson former 9er coach now with the sun devils. first quarter tied three. and shane with the eight yard td catcher. wild cat formation and the
12:26 am
bears take the lead. and kevin riley hit marvin jones for the 52-yard td pass. the bears taking a 23-3 lead. cal leads 33-3. and chris cante comes out of nowhere un blocks the punt and takes it into the end-zone. six yards td putting the bears up 40-3. and they take half 100 there. 50-17 over arizona state rounds out the college football stuff around here. the sharks on a little bit of a roll. putting together for the first time in this young season two consecutive victories. why not, they will take it. look at the sharks goalie who is making the second straight start. a little controversy in the net. danny heatly tipping one in on the powerplay. sharks lead 2-1. powerplay again and the rebound there off
12:27 am
oilers goalie. it puts the sharks ahead 3-1. they coast over the oilers 6-1. the san jose quakes in a huddle. 69th minute quakes trailing 2- 1. and chris scores the league leading 18th goal of the season cut the deficit 2-1. but in the 76th minute this shot into the back corner of the net for the third goal of the game. the wizarded go on to beat the earthquakes 4-1 in kansas city. shocker here dominates in this fight. the first round he is knocked to the mat. he would not cover. he wins at the 4:10 mark of the first round. and he became the first mexican heavy weight world champion in ufc history. and he did it decisively as you saw just there. not so decisively it was another one run ball game. 3-2. but you know what, the san
12:28 am
francisco giants will take it. and this is their fourth trip to the world series since they moved here
12:29 am


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